Call for Papers

ICCSD will provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Circuits, Devices and Systems.

ICCSD 2021 Call for Papers

Circuit and System

  • Circuits, Devices and Systems
  • Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits
  • Circuits and Electronics
  • Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • Analog/mixed-signal/RF Circuits
  • Switched Capacitor and Switched Current Techniques
  • Low-Power Low-Voltage Design
  • Radio Frequency Circuits
  • Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
  • Distributed Circuits and Systems
  • Biomedical Circuits and Systems
  • Microsystems and Applications

Semiconductor and Electronic Components

  • Epitaxy and Light-emitting Diodes
  • Power Devices and Applications: Si, SiC, and GaN Devices
  • Electro-optical Phenomena of Semiconductors
  • 3D Semiconductor Device Technology
  • Compound Semiconductor Physics and Devices
  • Beyond CMOS: Nano & Hybrid Systems
  • Component Technology of MEMS
  • Sensors and Sensing Systems
  • Processor Architectures
  • Battery Management System
  • 2.3 Digital Filters
  • 8.1 Processor and Memory Design

Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics

  • System on a Chip (SOC) and Network on a Chip
  • Low Power Design
  • VLSI Physical Design
  • Deep Sub/Micron Design
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • Electromagnetic and Photonics
  • Advanced Electromagnetics
  • Techniques of Laser and Applications of Electro-optics
  • Computer Relaying Integrated Optics and Electro-optics Devices
  • Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits
  • Fiber Optics and Fiber Devices
  • Integrated Optics
  • Optical Electronic Devices & Photonics
  • 8.3 Nano-Electronics and Technology

Electronics and Power System

  • Smart Grid and Circuit
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Nano Electro Mechanical System
  • Analysis of Power Quality and System Stability
  • Power Electronics
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Power Electronics and Systems
  • Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter
  • Inverter and Control: DC/AC Inverter, Modulation and Control
  • Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution
  • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles, Railway, Marine, Airplane etc.
  • Power Electronics for Lighting and Consumer Electronics
  • Power Electronics for Data center and Telecom